Saturday, 5 December 2009

ATOS Flouts Disability Discrimination Act

ATOS flouts Disability Discrimination Act - yes we know that, but how?

ATOS demands that their 60,000 pound salaries go only to healthy doctors! that is doctors who are free of General Medical Council Conditions. Although there are other reasons for having conditions on your General Medical Council registration, a significant number of doctors with disabilities have conditions on the registration solely because of their Disability. Therefore "unconditional registration" excludes a significant number of disabled doctors!

This advertisement flouts Disability Discrimination Legislation. An employer cannot advertise for people without a disability, unless it materially affects their ability to do the job. Having a disability does not affect your ability to assess people for state benefits.

Nice to know that no one with a health problem is going to get a job assessing people with health problems.


  1. Linked back, thank you for this information, Bendy Girl

  2. Thanks - not that it gets people very far, but it may amuse you to know that ATOS came and sat on the page for a while - and then phoned the GMC ;-) - which suggests there is something in this!


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